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Adult AudioMagic Programs & DreamChild Adventures

Combining his expertise in psychiatry and a host of proven therapeutic techniques with over 30 years of experience in audio recording, Dr. Jackon's 3D AudioMagic™ programs have achieved extraordinary results in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

Dr. Jackson's experience with audio engineering dates back almost as far as his beginnings as a doctor. Starting out recording popular music, he began recording his first therapeutic audio programs in 1979. His journey then led him, in 1985, to a discovery that completely transformed his programs: 3D Living Sound™, the revolutionary technology used to produce all fourteen of the 3D AudioMagic programs.

Dr. Jackson's first therapeutic audio programs for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia were developed to treat adults in his clinical practice. A number of these patients, who had experienced personal success, used the adult programs with their children and the results they reported to him were his inspiration for developing a series of programs specifically designed for children.

All of Dr. Jackson's personal patients will receive unlimited downloading of all fourteen of his therapeutic programs or two free CD’s, along with an electronic copy of his book, if desired.

To learn more about Dr. Jackson's therapeutic 3D audio programs and his companion book to the children’s programs, DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep, please visit Please click on the Clinical Research tab of that website to view 10 research studies on these state-of-the-art audio programs and the 3D Living Sound audio technology.


Early on in his career, Dr. Jackson recognized that traditional therapies did not take full advantage of the “power of the mind” to relieve certain symptoms, and so he soon found himself developing alternative therapeutic approaches to do just that—utilize the mind's innate power for therapeutic aims.

Drawing on a long-time passion of Dr. Jackson's for audio recording and engineering, his pursuits led him to start exploring new and unique ways to use sound in a therapeutic manner. What started out as a hobby had transformed into a professional endeavor that has evolved over three decades.

Efficacy research was conducted on his therapeutic audio programs, coordinated by Inner Health, Inc., a company he founded in 1986. Research into these alternative treatments was funded by the National Institute of Health, the Department of Defense and other entities, totaling nearly 2 million dollars. Dr. Jackson holds two U.S. patents for his therapeutic inventions, and in 2003 he founded Sensational Creations Inc. for their marketing and distribution, along with the marketing and distribution for his 3D AudioMagic 3D audio programs and his recently completed book, DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep.

Integrating Technology

Dr. Jackson intends this website to represent the newest addition to the collection of tools and techniques he integrates with his treatment approach, by incorporating the latest modern technologies for streamlining the treatment process and putting more power in the hands of patients over their own treatment.

Over time Dr. Jackson will incorporate several new technologies into this site in order to provide an increasingly exceptional level of service to his patients:


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Surrounding Area

If you choose to come to Idyllwild, consider allowing some extra time for your visit. With a little planning, you can turn into an extremely enjoyable excursion filled with pleasure and relaxation. Dr. Jackson will provide you with a list of suggested activities, such as:

Other Fees & Considerations

Phone calls: There is no charge for 5 minute emergency phone calls. Calls requiring longer consultation will be charged at $45 per 10 minute increment. The writing of letters will be billed at the same rates.

The fee for “flex time” medication follow-up telephone consultations, which is only offered to patients who have been stable on their current medications for an extended period of time, is $60. This requires patients be available Thursday evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM when Dr. Jackson will call.

Prescriptions: Prescriptions outside of an appointment, with the exception of controlled substance prescriptions, which can only be refilled with an appointment, will result in a $50 fee. Lost prescriptions will be rewritten for a $20 fee.

Insurance: Dr. Jackson elects not to be on any insurance plans and is therefore considered an out-of-network provider. Some patients, however, may be able to obtain partial reimbursements for his fees from their insurance carriers. Out-of-network benefits vary among carriers, but traditionally, reimbursement can be as high as 60%-80% after your deductible is met. If requested, patients will receive a detailed statement with all the information needed to seek reimbursement from traditional insurers or health care spending accounts. For those who qualify, Mountain High Health billing statements will be sufficient to obtain reimbursement. We suggest checking with your insurance provider beforehand to determine reimbursement policy.

Financial Assistance: Dr. Jackson realizes that not accepting medical insurance represents an added financial burden for some of his patients. For those who would be unable to afford his fees but require being seen every two or three months, he will consider, depending on circumstances, lengthening the time between your appointments. Such accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the feasibility determined by such factors as the type of medications prescribed and stability of symptoms. Other options also available to decrease fees include telephone “flex-time” appointments for which, instead of having a “set” appointment time, you would make yourself available during a “window” of time (2-3 hours) during which Dr. Jackson would contact you for your appointment. We take all individual circumstances into consideration and do our best to make arrangements that meet both your medical and financial needs.

Canceled / Missed Appointments: A scheduled appointment means that time is reserved only for you. If you miss an appointment or cancel one with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be billed for the entire amount of the session—unless it is due to an emergency. Frequent cancellations may result in termination from treatment and referral to another mental health care professional.

Compliance With Treatment
When a patient does not return for appointments as agreed upon in the previous session, it involves risk for the patient’s mental health as well as legal liability for the physician, who bears legal responsibility for the patient’s treatment. Please click the title of this section to read our policy on compliance with treatment.
First-Time Appointments

If you are a new patient wishing to set up your first appointment with Dr. Jackson, please be allow enough time for us to obtain your chart, if you have seen a previous psychiatrist, and mail you the necessary intake paperwork for you to review and sign, so you can bring the related paperwork with you at the time of your appointment. In the very near future you will be able to download and print all the necessary intake paperwork as document files from a First-Time Patient link in this spot.

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