Dr. Tom Jackson

Dr. Tom Jackson, MD is a California psychiatrist with over 30 years experience, specializing in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. In his private practice he focuses on providing a standard of care that is both high-quality and convenient.

To this end, he will soon offer telepsychiatry appointments in addition to in-person appointments. Over time he will also integrate other high-tech innovations for his patients' convenience and best care, such as:

  • scheduling your own appointments online
  • downloading intake forms to prepare ahead of time
  • online credit card payments
  • electronic prescriptions
  • online psychological testing
  • questions answered by email
  • the convenience of videoconferencing in place of face-to-face office visits

Also in your return visits to this site you will find a growing Information Library containing video presentations by Dr. Jackson on a wide range of topics and other information on various subjects of interest.

Appointments are available in-person and, soon, online as well, with follow-up appointments also available by telephone. You may contact Dr. Jackson by phone or email to schedule an appointment. As mentioned, someday soon you will also be able to schedule your appointments yourself here at this site using the online scheduler.

As this website evolves you will observe the incorporation of the best that modern technology has to offer in order to simplify your experience and give you as much "remote control" of the process as possible.

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54401 Tahquitz View Drive
Idyllwild, CA 92549
Phone (760) 861-0068
Fax (951) 659-1931

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